ASUS – Issue, I don’t see an issue, send the board back

The Addressable RGB headers on the ASUS TUF Gaming Z690-Plus WIFI D4 just stopped working while I was reviewing a case. I rebooted the system during an OS install and the fan’s RGB lighting just stopped working, the fans worked, but the lighting just stopped.

I sent the board back originally and Asus returned it a day or 2 after they received it and I quote, wrote “Cannot duplicate customer’s reported issue, however Bios/Firmware/Software were updated for optimal performance” well isn’t that nice? Except obviously they didn’t bother to connect addressable RGB devices to the 3 addressable RGB headers. So Asus asked for a video, Asus, I hope this is good for you.

Not asking for anything special, the board is messed up, I am under warranty, replace the board. asus rejected from rma asus rma issues asus rma processes send the board back

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