Brook Reviver Dia – The Perfect Pokemon Go Auto Catcher

//Brook Reviver Dia – The Perfect Pokemon Go Auto Catcher

Brook Reviver Dia – The Perfect Pokemon Go Auto Catcher

In Brook Reviver Dia – The Perfect Pokemon Go Auto Catcher, You get to vote on what you want this to do, to look like, to feel like, Your perfect auto catch device.
Check out the original Brook Reviver here:
Vote here on the survey: and please remember to let me know what you chose. Thanks all, we can make this AMAZING.

0:00 Intro and explanation
1:10 Unboxing

Pokemon Go Auto Catcher – Brook Reviver 2 Prototype

The Reviver and the Reviver II are just like the Go-tcha or the Gotcha Evolve in that they do the same thing. Problem is the Go-tcha Evolve and Gotcha have dropped significantly in quality, even though most people still buy them. Most people still buy them because they were the first to the states, but now since they are comfortable, they use lower quality components and I help people all the time to fix them.

With the Reviver and now Reviver II, Brook has been really dominating sales with these, as people leave the Go-tcha, I help them find this device, or devices and they are happy with them. In this video, we help you to give you a chance to design your perfect style auto catching device, what do you want it to do? Make sure to vote above.

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