How to clone your Windows 10 or 11 the Free and Easy Way

//How to clone your Windows 10 or 11 the Free and Easy Way

How to clone your Windows 10 or 11 the Free and Easy Way

This video will go over How to clone your Windows 10 or 11 the free and easy way. I show you how to clone Windows 11 but it will work 100% the same in Windows 10, but that start buttons in a different place.
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0:00 Intro
1:46 Showing both drives in Disk Management
2:03 How to download Macrium Reflect Free
2:59 How to Install Macrium Reflect 8
3:27 How to clone a smaller drive to a large one with Macrium Reflect 8
4:10 How to change partition sizes in Macrium Reflect
5:32 How fast will my drive clone
6:43 How to change your cloned drive to be your primary drive
7:55 How to change a drive letter
9:07 How to erase a drive
10:38 How to how to initialize a drive
11:42 How to clone a larger drive to a smaller one with Macrium Reflect 8
14:06 Discussing the entire process of cloning drives with Macrium Reflect in the video

Check out Macruim Software’s website here:

In this video, I show you how to clone a smaller drive into a larger drive, then I show you how to clone a larger drive into a smaller drive. We use the home version of Macrium Reflect v8 for cloning purposes, the Reflect Free version. This can be use for how to clone a hard drive,
clone HDD to SSD, how to clone HDD to SSD, clone hard drive, clone hard drive to SSD then clone SSD.

While the free version allows you to clone and schedule clones, the paid version allows you to backup files and folders or your entire PC, MBR or GPT disks as well. Aside from being able to recover partitions and entire disks, you can mount those images in Windows explorer for easy single file recovery. So if you backed up your PC, and you just want to recover a single file, you don’t have to restore your entire PC for it, you can just pull that one file out.

The full version, allows you to do full backups, Incremental and differential images as well, live or scheduled. You are allowed to actually boot your backup up in a virtual machine at the same time. If you are running a tech shop, you can restore images to dissimilar hardware using Macrium ReDeploy in just about any version of windows.

During this process, you notice I clone the entire drive, not portions of it, because each portion is as important as the next. One of the partitions is the Windows Boot Manager, also known as the UEFI partition, the other is your C drive and all the Data on it and the finally the Recovery Partition. The recovery partition is where windows stores save points and portions to allow you to repair issues.

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