How to setup and use the Dual CatchMon | Pokemon Go – Review

You and your friends, How to set-up and use the Dual Catchmon | Pokemon Go – Review. Now you can play with others, I show you an unboxing, setting it up and playing with the Dual catchmon. I fumbled a little, but after you get it once, it’s pretty easy. Hope you like it.
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4 Pack Battery Pack:

0:00 Intro and explanation of device
2:07 Unboxing
2:47 Valor, Mystic and Instinct Team Stickers
3:31 Battery Pack
4:03 Installing the Batteries and turning it on
4:50 Installing and showing stickers
6:00 Pairing the Dual Catchmon to 2 phones
7:50 Enabling or Disabling Audio on the Dual Catchmon
8:09 Enabling or Disabling Vibration on the Dual Catchmon
8:50 Turning off the Dual Catchmon
9:25 Re-pairing the Dual Catchmon after a disconnection
10:05 Using the Dual Catchmon out in the wild with my son

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This is a lot like the Gotcha, or the Go-tcha and even the Brook Auto Catch device but with no additional screen and no app is required.

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We go over how to setup and use the Dual Catchmon in Pokemon Go.
How to setup and use the Dual Catchmon | Pokemon Go – Review

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